Oh, those McKindra’s and Their Microphones

We cosign with whomever was holding the camera as Traci McKindra sang the National Anthem on the third day of the Iowa State Fair, “Girl, you betta SANG!” Check out the vid of your cuz doin’ it Whitney Houston style at this year’s event in Des Moines. Traci earned the opportunity to sing at the fair after her tryout video earned the third highest number of votes on the local newspaper’s Web site. Hmm… methinks Bobbi Kristina had something to do with the other two vote getters winning a slot. I’m just sayin’. Traci is the daughter of Howard and Beatrice McKindra and works as a senior art director at Integer Midwest.   

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Oops (Send Announcements Here: mckindra@gmail.com)

So we fudged a bit…here’s the e-mail address to send your announcements, pics, Youtube links, and other whatnots : mckindra@gmail.com.

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Reunion Rewind

Although it could date some of us to admit this, remember that Sister Sledge number We are Family? Well, we had all our brothers and sisters with us as we gathered in San Antonio last month to renew the ties that bind. Nearly 150 of us turned out for the three-day affair last month. Besides lounging by the hotel pool or doing some leisurely shopping at the outlet malls or braving the Texas heat to hit Six Flags and Sea World, we spent Saturday afternoon touring the Alamo and other San Antonio sites and that evening during the family banquet we honored the senior members of the family and those who served in the military during a proud and moving recognition of our family’s tradition of wisdom and service. Speaking of moving, aunts, uncles and cousins showed off some sweet moves as we ended the night by grooving to the smooth beats of a dj to close out the reunion’s second day.     

 The family participated in Sunday morning worship services at Porter Memorial C.M.E. Church, where Reverend Kenneth McKindra is the pastor. Reverend Freeman McKindra, Jr., currently pastor of Miles Memorial C.M.E. Church in Tacoma, Washington, brought the message “In Due Season.”   

 We did manage to squeeze in a little bit of business. Good news on the McKindra LLC — Aunt Juanita and Uncle Freeman announced that the company generated a profit for the first time in its history. The funds, which were reinvested in the business, came from multiple sources including selling timber cut on the company’s land and selling the mineral rights to an oil company to drill on the land. We’re also deeply involved in the restoration efforts for St. John Cemetery in Plummerville. The cemetery, one of 30 African-American cemeteries in Conway County, is the burial place of at least two documented Civil War veterans and the loved ones from multiple local families in the community, including Frank and Ella McKindra, the McKindra Family’s patriarch and matriarch.   

The family will gather in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 2010 and in Denver, Colorado, in 2012.

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The Late Mrs. Verma Harris Doss

Mrs. Verma Harris Doss died on Tuesday, September 16th, 2008. Some might ask who was Verma Harris Doss. To our family two things are of note:

1. She died at 92 years old and as such she was the oldest member of the Mt. Hebrew C. M.E. Church. For those of you not in the know, that is the home church for our family that was built on land provided by R. F. McKindra Sr. Mt. Hebrew C.M.E. Church which records show was organized in 1885.

2. She was the oldest daughter of Mrs. Daisy Winston Harris who lived to be 106 years old and was the head cook at the Union Chapel School for approximately 40 years. Some would say that had she been able to compete in the Iron Chef competition she would have won hands down!

Mrs. Verma was married to “Pigeon” Doss and they had six children who were contemporaries of Mattie, Myrtle Jean, and Eloise just to name a few. The Doss and McKindra families continued their association through Mrs. Verma’s grandson who was a contemporary of Fatima and Freeman McKindra Jr. You may check her obituary in the online version of the Pettie Jean Headlight of Morrilton, AR. The obituary should appear in the addition that comes out this Wednesday…

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Ruben Frank, Sr. + Ella 2.0

Boldy going where no family has gone before…OK, well, maybe a few, but we McKindra’s are doing BIG THANGS. Allow us (the natty-haired, bespectacled crew of pencil pushers known as the Communications Committee) to introduce you to cyberspace. You’ve found yourself at what’s known as a weblog, spelled W-E-B-L-O-G.

After trading snarky remarks at the expense of the Cemetery Committee for incorporating their work with the State Office (Corporation… Smorporation), this ragtag bunch of creative types has committed itself to bringing you the latest in up-to-date, heavily-arted info on the latest happenings within the Fam. Go ahead, find a typo, we dare you! True content, the likes of which even Miss English (the hardest stickler for punctuation and diction in the Union Chapel School District of old) would be proud.

Thing is, a Weblog demands a constant stream of info. Here’s where you come in. Please support our efforts and send the latest news, photos, and “he-said-she-said”s to the e-mail address to the right of your screen. This way, we can avoid the menacing stares of Uncle Freeman and Aunt Juanita when next we meet. And who knows? Maybe if you do something really noteworthy, we’ll put your name in bold.


“We’re so famous we only go by one name”


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